3 Facts About Fotografiska Everyone Should Know

3 Facts About Fotografiska Everyone Should Know

3 Facts About Fotografiska Everyone Should Know

Fotografiska is an interesting gallery located in Sweden where the main approach is the photograph displayed in their walls and hallways since it was first introduced in the year 2010, Fotografiska has become a symbol of one of the best galleries around Sweden, as well with one of the best features for any photographer around.

But being a gallery of this magnitude with an original concept and a fresh idea is notable how Fotografiska has evolved into one of the best art galleries around, not to mention that is in Stockholm that is already considered as one of the most artistic cities of Europe.

So let’s see for a minute what makes Fotografiska so different from other galleries and how does it hold up with his reputation, we are going to see facts about Fotografiska that every art fanatic should already know.

About Fotografiska


The founders of Fotografiska are no other than Jan and Per Broman since they were looking to create a fascinating project that surrounds the world of arts and has what they can really offer to their town of Stockholm.

Focused On Modern Photography


Fotografiska stands as a rather unique place, since it has their focus in only the art of modern photography, now for those that are unaware of the artistic appeal of modern photography, it has been known that is gaining a massive following through the years, a similar event such as the photo portraits of the year 1960.

Courses and Workshops


Fotografiska is not only a place where you can catch an eye to the most artistic photos of recent times, but as well a place for cultural learning and training of your artistic traits, such as providing courses of photography from different levels, as well interactive workshops where you can understand a little better how does modern photography has their movement.

Is worth noticing that, if you are willing to take a course in photography and you don’t have enough knowledge to start right away and be an artist, Fotografiska offers a beginners course for those that want to start into the right foot to this artistic movement.

Fotografiska is definitely a great place to visit and be inspired by his art, with incredible photos that truly captivates the soul of humanity with every single photo. And with models so well recognizable such as famous actors and other popular figures among the world of spectacle.


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