4 Swedish Photographers to Be Aware Of

4 Swedish Photographers to Be Aware Of

4 Swedish Photographers to Be Aware Of

Sweden can be considered as the country of art. With thousands of exhibitions of art and being one of the most revolutionary places for an artist to be, is easy to understand the grasp that many artists take from this beautiful country.

But one of the kinds of artist that truly take advantage of the landscapes and scenery of Sweden are their photographers, being in touch with their roots and knowing how to work with the lands of Sweden they have established a name for them and are considered to be one of the best kinds of photographers in the world.

A lot of the following photographers that we are going to talk about are known for having a human feeling surrounding their pictures, and an artistic look that can show us a little more about that hidden world of humanity that we still don’t know.

Anders Petersen

Petersen can be described as a photographer that isn’t afraid to show us the true horizons of art and the human emotion behind it, with harsh images that allow us to really see for ourselves the images of the many homeless and poor individuals that surround each city.

On their multiple projects, there is “Café Lehmitz” that is considered as one of the most influential photobooks of modern times, with their incredible show of emotion and crudeness, making it a great project to check out.

JH Engström

Another prominent photographer that takes a lot of elements that we can see from photos like Petersen, which is of course because both photographers are good friends and even JH Engström being a great fanatic of Petersen work.

Being a fantastic photographer, JH is famous for taking an interesting approach to the narrative by letting their pictures to describe the modern situation, not to mention that around their project is “sketch of Paris” a project that focuses on the big city of Paris and their movement around the times of  1980.

Jens Assur

A photographer with decades of experience, being able to establish his own studio back in the year 1997, he takes more granted their next ambitious project making great photo books that explore the roots of the communities around Sweden, having a human touch and approach in every single one of their projects.

Jens has shown with his art the modern state of the environment and how we, the humans are made the whole situation worse, with a negative impact on the environment and photos showing the excessive consumerism of modern times, it has gained a status of being a professional photographer.

Martin Bogren

Starting with a music photographer, he started his career early on photographing the Cardigans, but after that, he decided to go and make his first personal project called “book Ocean” gaining a positive reputation among critics, and a good status beyond Swedish photographers when showing his work on Art Galleries.

Photography is a beautiful form of art that most art lovers choose to ignore, but with these photographers doing pieces of art so sublime, is hard to ignore and see for ourselves the true art behind every photo.


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