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New York is one of the artistic cities, where you can find hundreds of very inspiring places to visit in case it’s one of your plans. And in this 2019 there will be some works that will be exhibited in different museums and that you should definitely see:

Maurits Escher was one of the most recognized drawing artists worldwide. With an unparalleled talent, he became an inspiration for many and a legend of art. In NY they’re exhibiting diverse works of this artist in an exhibition that bears his same last name, in the Industry City in Brooklyn, available until the first days of March.

The Whitney Museum will witness until March 31 of the exhibition that will be carried out by Andy Warhol: “From A to B”. One of the most acclaimed art exhibitions today, where you can see the perspective of this legendary artist in past times.

The MoMA will also be one of the places where you will be able to observe one of the best works of art, such as Constantin Brancusi Sculpture. And until February 18 you can enjoy various works of this genius of art where you can also find drawings, photographs and other audiovisual media that you will love.

Until the last days of January will be exhibiting the works of Liliana Porter in the Museodel Barrio. This woman has undoubtedly marked a before and after in the art world, not only for being one of the few women who came to have a great recognition.

The quality of her work and the way to mark a special recognition in the art without borders, being it from Argentina and having conquered the world, are magnificent.

Once again, the MoMA will witness another exhibition that has been requested by many art fans, such as the artist Bruce Nauman: “Disappearing acts”. It will be available until February 25 and you can see his works that will undoubtedly transmit that feeling of wanting to leave your comfort zone.

While until April 23 you can enjoy the exhibition of the artist HilmaafKlint: “Paintings for the future” in one of the most emblematic museums of New York, as is the Guggenheim Museum, and witness their works at the beginning of 1900 and the abstract and contemporary techniques so risky for the time in which they were created.

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