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Being a photographer is a profession that needs a lot of passion because an image can define something, more than the use of 1000 words. That’s the true value of art, and capturing special moments that can be considered unique is one of the best things a photographer can do.

It doesn’t even matter that you cannot develop it professionally or have the professional objects to be a photographer. But even with your cell phone, you can capture thousands of moments that can express some ideal or emotion.

On the page, I will be implementing a new section where now you can be part of this community, and contribute with any of your photographs or photographic works.

Basically, the objective is to create a space where all the captures of you will be published and that more people can admire it and start to value something that can become your profession.

It’s time to learn to value more something that maybe some people may not give much importance because photographs are essential and necessary for so many things and you can reveal so much through a photo that only people with passion can understand you. If you want to contribute, contact us.

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