4 Art Galleries to Visit in Sweden

4 Art Galleries to Visit in Sweden

4 Art Galleries to Visit in Sweden

Art galleries are an important place for a country. It stands as a place to attract tourist and as well to showcase the talent behind each of the prominent artists that are from that country. For that is easy to see that a lot of countries are improving by building more and more Art Galleries around their countries with magnificent exhibitions.

But Sweden is a great place for start seeing the best art galleries of Europe, by just taking a grasp at the enormous quality of each of their sculptures, as well with the colorful and beautiful paintings, that’s why it receives a lot of tourists each year.

So let’s take a closer look to the art galleries around Sweden, and see what makes them so revolutionary and great among other galleries around Europe.

Malmö Konsthall

Considered one of the biggest places for modern art in Europe, The Konsthall has the most surreal and artistic sculptures from current times, having great paintings and sculptures that can be enjoyed from the modern tourist that are looking for a great way to pass the time

The Konsthall has a lot of Nordic art displayed around his hallways, making attractive to any foreigner that is unaware of the style but keep as well a great number of modern art pieces to any of their local visitors that are looking for other types of art.


Being one of Stockholm best art galleries, it was founded in the year 1995 in an old paint factory and most of his art is architecture and urban planning having a great aspect of human expression with the countless types of art that this gallery has.

Having artist around the world and sculptures that can draw the attention of the most sophisticated critics, it still has an urban look and delivers great energy of art in his atmosphere,

No Limit Street Art Borås

No Limit Street Art Borås is a completely different way of making an art gallery, by having different rules and being completely original in many aspects, one of them is that No Limit Street Art Borås is only open for a week, and as his name implies, is completely outdoors.

It takes the job of making the urban walls of Borås and making them an empty canvas, inviting artists to express their emotions and desires in this space and then showcasing the finished work among art critics and visitors that wish to take a taste of the scenery.

Form/Design Center

While a lot of people think that this is an ordinary art gallery, the Form/Design Center is actually a place where design and architecture come together, being one of the most famous art galleries in Sweden and for a good reason.

Art galleries have a great reputation in Sweden, and if you want to inspire yourself while you are touring the beautiful nation of Sweden, my best advice is to take a small trip to any of the galleries that are located in the major cities of the country.


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