The 3 Art Exhibitions You Must See in Stockholm

The 3 Art Exhibitions You Must See in Stockholm

The 3 Art Exhibitions You Must See in Stockholm

Looking for a way to appreciate art in all of his forms and see the beauties of the world being reflected in paintings and sculptures is a wonderful way to spend your vacations, it takes time to be familiar with art in many of their presentations.

But if you want to explore the best museums and places of pure art, I recommend you to take a visit to Stockholm, since is one of the best cities in Europe where art is truly appreciated by their citizens, and takes a special place in their overall culture.

That’s why there are so many places to start digging around and explore the vast master pieces that they have to offer to any tourist. With that being said, one of the best ways to truly appreciate art is by going to the countless art exhibitions that are going on in Stockholm.

So we are going to teach you the best art exhibitions of Stockholm as well with locations and exhibitions that you can’t miss if you are looking for a way to enrich your culture in your vacations.


Starting with one of the best gateways to the real world and entering to a world fill with art and music, which is of course Artipelag. What truly makes Artipelag so unique and great is that is not a single building or a event that happens each year, Artipelag is a complete island that is fully dedicated to the world of art.

So you can expect fashion, sculptures, and opera and of course a painting in this island, and makes it a great place to start your adventure and know a little more about the many different ways art can captivate you.


One of the best pieces of art in Stockholm is their underground art, which im referring to the art that is mostly displayed on the train and subway stations, there are paintings, mosaics and other artistically features made from more than 150 artists.

Is worth mentioning that we can appreciate this pieces of art in almost any station, covering about 90% of the overall stations in Stockholm, so if you are searching for an art exhibition and you have to take the subway in order to arrive to your destination, you can appreciate fine pieces of art just by going to the closest station.


An interesting concept inside the standards of art since is an exhibition that shows the different portraits of many well-known faces, including actors and politicians, as well with other aspects such as sculptures and other touching pictures of the reality of the world.

Fotografiska museum is an intense experience that can open your eyes and see the humanity behind each picture and sculpture.

Art and Stockholm are two concepts that comes together pretty well, and if you are looking for a place where you can be a tourist and explore the best pieces of art and relevant artist, I advise you to look at the many options that Stockholm offer us.


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