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My name is Issac Jefferson, I’m from Sweden, I’m almost 40 and I have more than 20 years of experience in the world of photography. Since I was little I was passionate about everything about all that art was.

Even during the 90s, I could be more aware of the passion and how much can be expressed through different works of art.

And not only is it necessary to be a painting, art really is in everything we love and we’re passionate about, from music, acting, writing, and much more. It’s that gift of creating something and where you can share a diversity of emotions and ideals.

And as I grew, an uncontrollable passion developed for photography and expression through images, something that I have been doing for many years and wants to do for a long time.

Mindepartementet is a small space where I will be sharing not only my works but also a diversity of artistic things that I like and are passionate about.

And this is something that thrills me a lot because I will practically be sharing and opening everything that would be my tastes, thoughts, and things that have shaped me as a person and artist.

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