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Art for Gamblers – Luring People In Through Graphic Design

Art for Gamblers – Luring People In Through Graphic Design

Graphic design is an incredible tool to draw the attention of the public, it’s used every day in billboards and signs and their purpose is to try to sell us or advertise a new product or a company itself.

It has been showed that this kind of marketing works extremely well with us, since is still going strong in recent times, not only that but, with the arrival of online marketing and online business, it was only a matter of time for graphic design to reach this new road and find a profitable trade with the advance of technology.

But with online services comes online gaming, and is one of the most popular things to do online, since it most known for having multiple players connected playing a game in their website, a lot of genres has come to the inclusion of this phenomenon, such as MMORPG and FPS games, one of these particular genres has gained more attention than the rest.

We are talking of course of online gambling and online casino games, they are incredibly popular among players and with each year that passes, the revolution in these games are by far growing intensely, as well the technology behind their processing.

That’s why we are reaching a new horizon where graphic design has come to be a fundamental part of these titles, by having a beautiful interface programmed. They need to enhance the quality of each image and texture, making the extra effort to apply for a better job in each game.

The result is amazing, since we now can conclude that our final product is way better with the update in graphics and the colors, making the overall experience more entertaining for the userwhen playing an online gambling game, and that’s one of the main objectives in a game.


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4 Swedish Photographers to Be Aware Of

4 Swedish Photographers to Be Aware Of

Sweden can be considered as the country of art. With thousands of exhibitions of art and being one of the most revolutionary places for an artist to be, is easy to understand the grasp that many artists take from this beautiful country.

But one of the kinds of artist that truly take advantage of the landscapes and scenery of Sweden are their photographers, being in touch with their roots and knowing how to work with the lands of Sweden they have established a name for them and are considered to be one of the best kinds of photographers in the world.

A lot of the following photographers that we are going to talk about are known for having a human feeling surrounding their pictures, and an artistic look that can show us a little more about that hidden world of humanity that we still don’t know.

Anders Petersen

Petersen can be described as a photographer that isn’t afraid to show us the true horizons of art and the human emotion behind it, with harsh images that allow us to really see for ourselves the images of the many homeless and poor individuals that surround each city.

On their multiple projects, there is “Café Lehmitz” that is considered as one of the most influential photobooks of modern times, with their incredible show of emotion and crudeness, making it a great project to check out.

JH Engström

Another prominent photographer that takes a lot of elements that we can see from photos like Petersen, which is of course because both photographers are good friends and even JH Engström being a great fanatic of Petersen work.

Being a fantastic photographer, JH is famous for taking an interesting approach to the narrative by letting their pictures to describe the modern situation, not to mention that around their project is “sketch of Paris” a project that focuses on the big city of Paris and their movement around the times of  1980.

Jens Assur

A photographer with decades of experience, being able to establish his own studio back in the year 1997, he takes more granted their next ambitious project making great photo books that explore the roots of the communities around Sweden, having a human touch and approach in every single one of their projects.

Jens has shown with his art the modern state of the environment and how we, the humans are made the whole situation worse, with a negative impact on the environment and photos showing the excessive consumerism of modern times, it has gained a status of being a professional photographer.

Martin Bogren

Starting with a music photographer, he started his career early on photographing the Cardigans, but after that, he decided to go and make his first personal project called “book Ocean” gaining a positive reputation among critics, and a good status beyond Swedish photographers when showing his work on Art Galleries.

Photography is a beautiful form of art that most art lovers choose to ignore, but with these photographers doing pieces of art so sublime, is hard to ignore and see for ourselves the true art behind every photo.

4 Art Galleries to Visit in Sweden

4 Art Galleries to Visit in Sweden

Art galleries are an important place for a country. It stands as a place to attract tourist and as well to showcase the talent behind each of the prominent artists that are from that country. For that is easy to see that a lot of countries are improving by building more and more Art Galleries around their countries with magnificent exhibitions.

But Sweden is a great place for start seeing the best art galleries of Europe, by just taking a grasp at the enormous quality of each of their sculptures, as well with the colorful and beautiful paintings, that’s why it receives a lot of tourists each year.

So let’s take a closer look to the art galleries around Sweden, and see what makes them so revolutionary and great among other galleries around Europe.

Malmö Konsthall

Considered one of the biggest places for modern art in Europe, The Konsthall has the most surreal and artistic sculptures from current times, having great paintings and sculptures that can be enjoyed from the modern tourist that are looking for a great way to pass the time

The Konsthall has a lot of Nordic art displayed around his hallways, making attractive to any foreigner that is unaware of the style but keep as well a great number of modern art pieces to any of their local visitors that are looking for other types of art.


Being one of Stockholm best art galleries, it was founded in the year 1995 in an old paint factory and most of his art is architecture and urban planning having a great aspect of human expression with the countless types of art that this gallery has.

Having artist around the world and sculptures that can draw the attention of the most sophisticated critics, it still has an urban look and delivers great energy of art in his atmosphere,

No Limit Street Art Borås

No Limit Street Art Borås is a completely different way of making an art gallery, by having different rules and being completely original in many aspects, one of them is that No Limit Street Art Borås is only open for a week, and as his name implies, is completely outdoors.

It takes the job of making the urban walls of Borås and making them an empty canvas, inviting artists to express their emotions and desires in this space and then showcasing the finished work among art critics and visitors that wish to take a taste of the scenery.

Form/Design Center

While a lot of people think that this is an ordinary art gallery, the Form/Design Center is actually a place where design and architecture come together, being one of the most famous art galleries in Sweden and for a good reason.

Art galleries have a great reputation in Sweden, and if you want to inspire yourself while you are touring the beautiful nation of Sweden, my best advice is to take a small trip to any of the galleries that are located in the major cities of the country.

3 Facts About Fotografiska Everyone Should Know

3 Facts About Fotografiska Everyone Should Know

Fotografiska is an interesting gallery located in Sweden where the main approach is the photograph displayed in their walls and hallways since it was first introduced in the year 2010, Fotografiska has become a symbol of one of the best galleries around Sweden, as well with one of the best features for any photographer around.

But being a gallery of this magnitude with an original concept and a fresh idea is notable how Fotografiska has evolved into one of the best art galleries around, not to mention that is in Stockholm that is already considered as one of the most artistic cities of Europe.

So let’s see for a minute what makes Fotografiska so different from other galleries and how does it hold up with his reputation, we are going to see facts about Fotografiska that every art fanatic should already know.

About Fotografiska

man camera - 3 Facts About Fotografiska Everyone Should Know

The founders of Fotografiska are no other than Jan and Per Broman since they were looking to create a fascinating project that surrounds the world of arts and has what they can really offer to their town of Stockholm.

Focused On Modern Photography

pictures and camera - 3 Facts About Fotografiska Everyone Should Know

Fotografiska stands as a rather unique place, since it has their focus in only the art of modern photography, now for those that are unaware of the artistic appeal of modern photography, it has been known that is gaining a massive following through the years, a similar event such as the photo portraits of the year 1960.

Courses and Workshops

camera - 3 Facts About Fotografiska Everyone Should Know

Fotografiska is not only a place where you can catch an eye to the most artistic photos of recent times, but as well a place for cultural learning and training of your artistic traits, such as providing courses of photography from different levels, as well interactive workshops where you can understand a little better how does modern photography has their movement.

Is worth noticing that, if you are willing to take a course in photography and you don’t have enough knowledge to start right away and be an artist, Fotografiska offers a beginners course for those that want to start into the right foot to this artistic movement.

Fotografiska is definitely a great place to visit and be inspired by his art, with incredible photos that truly captivates the soul of humanity with every single photo. And with models so well recognizable such as famous actors and other popular figures among the world of spectacle.

3 Casino Games featuring Amazing Art and Graphics

3 Casino Games featuring Amazing Art and Graphics

Casino games are a popular sensation among gamers nowadays, since technology has reached us to new ways to entertain ourselves, we have come to the conclusion of bringing old concepts such as casino games, online slots and sports games to our video games and enhance the experience with new and original concepts that were unreachable years before.

One of these concepts is, of course, the overall graphics in a video game, before the new consoles arrived, each year we have improved with the quality of graphics, and we have been detailed that with the new titles that come each year, and even in platforms such as handhelds and mobile games, there’s a constant evolution in graphics, art, and sound design.

That’s why we are going to talk about the best titles that have a major impact in graphics with beautiful art and an overall great sound, and here in the blog, we are going to hold our attention to the casino games, since they are one of the most played genres between fans and they have shown a great evolution through the years.


igt - 3 Casino Games featuring Amazing Art and Graphics

IGT really talks for its own when we deal with stunning 3D graphics and a enhance to improve the late graphics and details from past years, not to mention in comparison with other games that share the same genre as IGT

Such as the fact that since IGT focus mostly on casino games that let you spin the roulette or slots game, they take their advantage great in these genres and make a truly outstanding view on how does these game work, that’s why I’m sure we are going to see a lot of evolution coming from the IGT in the next years.


netent - 3 Casino Games featuring Amazing Art and Graphics

If we are looking for originality, we have to focus our search into the NetEnt games. With great concepts for casino games, make the overall experience more entertaining, and they don’t pull up these elements in a cheap way, otherwise, we wouldn’t be talking about them.

They actually pull their originality with the company of great graphics and original elements, making the experience of gambling far more enjoyable in comparison with the other games that you can find online.


playtech - 3 Casino Games featuring Amazing Art and Graphics

Playtech is considered for making the best casino games around, being wildly popular among fans of casino games, Playtech mostly focus on giving an enjoyable experience with their thematic casino games such as the one provided in Coral Casino, they mostly are accompanied with amazing graphics and a great sound design

Casino games are by far one of the most fun genres of today standards, we can observe that just by looking at the number of online players that each day register and spent their times enjoying the multiple casino games that are available online.

The 3 Art Exhibitions You Must See in Stockholm

The 3 Art Exhibitions You Must See in Stockholm

Looking for a way to appreciate art in all of his forms and see the beauties of the world being reflected in paintings and sculptures is a wonderful way to spend your vacations, it takes time to be familiar with art in many of their presentations.

But if you want to explore the best museums and places of pure art, I recommend you to take a visit to Stockholm, since is one of the best cities in Europe where art is truly appreciated by their citizens, and takes a special place in their overall culture.

That’s why there are so many places to start digging around and explore the vast master pieces that they have to offer to any tourist. With that being said, one of the best ways to truly appreciate art is by going to the countless art exhibitions that are going on in Stockholm.

So we are going to teach you the best art exhibitions of Stockholm as well with locations and exhibitions that you can’t miss if you are looking for a way to enrich your culture in your vacations.


Starting with one of the best gateways to the real world and entering to a world fill with art and music, which is of course Artipelag. What truly makes Artipelag so unique and great is that is not a single building or a event that happens each year, Artipelag is a complete island that is fully dedicated to the world of art.

So you can expect fashion, sculptures, and opera and of course a painting in this island, and makes it a great place to start your adventure and know a little more about the many different ways art can captivate you.


One of the best pieces of art in Stockholm is their underground art, which im referring to the art that is mostly displayed on the train and subway stations, there are paintings, mosaics and other artistically features made from more than 150 artists.

Is worth mentioning that we can appreciate this pieces of art in almost any station, covering about 90% of the overall stations in Stockholm, so if you are searching for an art exhibition and you have to take the subway in order to arrive to your destination, you can appreciate fine pieces of art just by going to the closest station.


An interesting concept inside the standards of art since is an exhibition that shows the different portraits of many well-known faces, including actors and politicians, as well with other aspects such as sculptures and other touching pictures of the reality of the world.

Fotografiska museum is an intense experience that can open your eyes and see the humanity behind each picture and sculpture.

Art and Stockholm are two concepts that comes together pretty well, and if you are looking for a place where you can be a tourist and explore the best pieces of art and relevant artist, I advise you to look at the many options that Stockholm offer us.

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